Master International Robotics & Transport

Training objective

The international Master Robotics & Transport (MRT) is designed to train international students interested in developing their professional knowledge and skills in engineering sciences, and more specifically in the areas of autonomous robotics and intelligent transportation systems (automobile, aeronautics).

A two-year (4 semesters, 30 ECTS each) Master programme, with courses taught in English.

The Master program is based on multidisciplinary lectures which integrate the concept of integrated design and intelligent prototyping.

Learning objectives

The graduates from this program will have multi-skilled competences, providing them with different possible professional positions as a product designer, an innovator and a manager. The students will gain autonomy in their project work via the program – a highly appreciated quality in the industrial world.

Along with the scientific and technological knowledge and skills offered by the program, the master MRT students will also benefit from the opportunity to acquire knowledge of French language and culture through diversified courses and cultural visits.

The curriculum is spread over four semesters (S1 = 424h, S2 = 424h, S3 = 420h, S4=560h).
Semesters S1, S2 and S3 are academic semesters while s4 is devoted to a full-time internship in a company or laboratory. At the end of the program, the MRT students should be able to master the development of Mechatronic systems in the fields of Robotics and Transport.

Teaching language

The courses are taught in English


Each semester is worth 30 ects. thus, the curriculum is divided into two parts:

  1. Common core courses
    These courses concern all master students and are distributed over three semesters S1, S2 and S3.
    The main scientific units of the core courses for MR&T are :

    • Structure & Mechanics
    • Propulsion
    • Detection and Perception
    • Piloting
    • Management
    • Integrated design
    • French culture
    • Scientific project
  2. Specialization
    The last two semesters (S3, S4) are devoted to the specialization of the student and concern two courses:

    • Autonomous Robotics: This course focuses on integrated design and prototyping of autonomous robotic systems
    • Intelligent Transport: This course focuses on the integrated design in the field of air and road transport.

About the master

The master international Robotics & Transport is jointly offered by Centrale Lille and Polytech’Lille

Tuition fees: M1: 10,000 €/year – M2 : 7,500€/year

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Deadline for application is June, 24th.

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