Centrale Lille, which links its master’s degrees to the various areas of its laboratory activities, offers its engineering students, and also other students (mainly recruited internationally), a range of masters degrees in co-accreditation with the University of Lille.

Centrale Lille is also developing international master’s degrees accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and linked to research. Centrale Lille offers 2 international master’s degrees: Aeronautics & Space – Major turbulence, and International Biomedical Engineering. We are recruiting foreign students for these programmes, taught entirely in English.

Centrale Lille is currently co-accredited for 10 courses and offers 16 paths, 6 of which are entirely taught in English:

How to apply

The approach to adopt depends on your situation:

  • If you are a non-French national and your country of origin has ratified the Campus France charter, you must apply via the “Etudes en France” (Studies in France) website before 15 December 2022. You can consult the list of countries covered by the “Etudes en France” procedure here. Any application sent directly to the institution that should have gone through Campus France will be rejected.

» deadline: 15 December 2022

» deadline: 15 March 2023

Some master’s degree courses have their own recruitment method and cannot be selected via the “Etudes en France” website or in the Centrale Lille application file. In this case, you must refer to the respective site of each Master’s degree.


International master’s degrees

Discover the international master’s degrees: Aeronautics & Space – Turbulence, and Biomedical engineering, at the webinar on 7 February 2023.

Come and discover the programme, equipment, facilities, supervisors, courses/pathways, opportunities and get answers to all your questions.

Aeronautic & space

Automatic control and electrical systems


Civil engineering

Health engineering


Nanosciences and nanotechnologies

Networks and telecommunications

Data science